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How to Prepare for Christmas Markets

Hi All!

Here we are, the countdown to Christmas! This is my second year selling Big Bowse products around the winter period. 

You know how it is if you're an artisan producer, we need to get our products out there and if we have to do it in the cold then so be it! 

So, my fellow artisan producers, I have a list of what you need to keep yourself warm and tactics to help sell your products:

1) As it gets dark, you need to purchase lighting, this helps to illuminate your stall and attract customers. We suggest you buy two rechargeable work lights (as you won't need to pay for electricity). You can use these on each end of the stall.

2) To attach the lighting, as suggested previously, buy a handful of metal "S" hooks.

3) Make Christmas hampers with a variety of your products, use anything you can get your hands on such as pull tie ribbons, gift boxes, etc.

4) Decorate with Christmas battery powered lights (you can get these from Poundland).

5) To keep yourself warm you will need:

  • A wooly hat;
  • Thick gloves;
  • If you're a female, wear thick tights under jeans;
  • Thick boots such as Uggs;
  • Scarf;
  • Long Coat;
  • Hot Water (put it into an insulated jar) and a cup (to use as a hot water bottle) or you can buy hand warmers and place them in your gloves
  • Wear thermals;
  • Buy a foam mat to stand on- a top tip as it absorbs the cold.

6) You also need to prepare for adverse weather conditions. Check the weather, take an umbrella and try to weather-proof your stall by:

  • Laminating signs,
  • Affiixing signs with bluetac and sticky tape, 
  • Use metal weights (depending which stall you have) to ensure the back of the market stall doesn't keep hitting your back/table.

Over time I have learnt how to get through the winter stalls by using the tips above. I really hope that you can benefit from this.

If you have any more questions, please comment below and I will get back to you!
Happy Selling!
Kimren (Founder/Managing Director)


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