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Inspired by the YouTube sensation, Lily Singh. Kimren (Founder/CEO) read Lily's book "How to be a Bawse”

Being a "Bawse" means you are not someone who survives life, you are someone who conquers it. That's the best way to describe it. Whether it's your personal life or your work life, your relationships, it's someone who really takes care in being the best they can possibly be.

When Lily visited the UK in March 2017, Kimren attended a meet and greet and sought confirmation that she could use the name "Big Bowse" (UK spelling version) and this is when the company was born.

Kimren comes from a computing science background but realised, to get the things she wants in life it’s important to be an entrepreneur. Kimren set the deadline of making all the products, creating recipes, designing the food labels etc. all on her own within a 3-month period. The first show was at Birmingham Foodies Festival 2017 and it was a success.

It has always been important to create products that everyone can eat. In Kimren's family, there are family members who are vegan, vegetarian, healthy and require gluten free and nut free diets, that’s why diets of these type can have any one of our products without any worry.

Also as Kimren is from an Indian heritage, making very hot "chilli sauces" is an over saturated market. But BIG BOWSE incorporated flavour and chilli so you can cook with it, use it as a marinade, use it to dunk you chips in and more.

​In a year we have achieved so much from being named as one of 2018's BBC Good Food Champion and won two Great Taste Awards (2018)!

We thank you for visiting our website. We hope you can support our small business- it would mean the world to us!