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Smokey Gourmet Salt

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*Now packaged in 25g metal tins for sustainability*

A smokey, hand-harvested & sun-dried finishing salt which is made in small batches. This is a gourmet salt and is to be used on food such as popcorn, roast potatoes, chips, meat, roasted veg, fish, rims of cocktail glasses, eggs & more. You simply crush with your fingertips for a mighty BIG BOWSE flavour infusion. This salt is completely natural and free from artificial additives.


Maldon Sea Salt Flakes, Onions,Tomato Paste, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Coconut Sugar, Chipotle Powder, Garlic, Blackstrap Molasses, Water, Rape Seed Oil, Coffee Granules.

Chilli Rating: MILD

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